Oklahoma's Best Shopping Experience

for Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Anime, Steampunk, Gaming, Superhero, and Nerd Culture Collectibles and Art

SoonerCon’s vendor-approval process is an application, not a simple purchase link. As a result, you will find a wide range of highly-curated, unique items in all shopping areas of the convention. We are an inclusive event and we work hard to provide a shopping experience that appeals to all convention attendees. No matter what your fandom, there is something for you at SoonerCon.

Shopping areas open all three days:

  • 60+ artist alley tables
  • 50+ exhibitor booth spaces — sold as a mix of single and double booths
  • Art gallery — 3,500 sq. ft. of original sci-fi and fantasy art pieces
  • Charity store and auction benefiting local charities

All sorts of awesome goods like:

  • Art — originals, prints, sculpture, pottery, 3D prints, fiber, fan art, mixed media, etc.
  • Pop culture clothing — t-shirts, hoodies, pins and buttons, etc.
  • Cosplay props and accessories
  • Jewelry and hair accessories
  • Toys and collectibles
  • Games and gamer accessories
  • Books — sci-fi, fantasy, horror, comics, urban fiction, mystery, dystopia, crime, coloring books, etc.
  • Handcrafted steampunk attire and accessories
  • Music, movies, and TV shows
  • and MUCH MORE!

Never will you find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy fulfilling shopping experience in Oklahoma!

SoonerCon 28 Shopping Map

SoonerCon 28 Exhibitor Hall Vendors

E01 Bernina of OKC

E03 Crazed Lemming Productions

E05 Kreative Menagerie

E07 Angst Novels

E08 Funny Figs LLC

E09 RedDirt3D

E10 Poppa’s Presents

E11 Kelly Campbell Berry

E12 The Epic Continues

E13 Nana Visitor

E14 3D Print OKC, Inc

E15 Spiral Arm Press

E16 by Lillian

E18 James Young, Slinger of Tales

E19 Red Dog Press LLC

E20 Usborne Books & More

E21 Ashelon Publishing

E22 Megalithic Mainframe

E23 Vintage Stock Norman

E24 Game HQ

E26 Crystal Peddler

E27 Rebirth Comics and Collectibles

E28 Just Lookin Boutique

E29 B Cubed Press

E30 Yard Dog Press

E32 SoonerCon Convention Store

E33 Camelot innovations

E34 Grammy and PawPaw’s Attic

E35 Absurdist Productions/Mixed Co. Games

E36 Magically Upcycled

E37 Bo Luellen

E38 The ArtisTree

E39 Purplefish Quilting

E40 BE Game LLC

E41 Cicada Song Studios

E42 Majikah LLC

E43 Equinox Comics

E44 Collectors Rebellion

E46 Tawanda! Jewelry

E47 Ziggy’s West

E49 Adam J. Whitlatch

E50 Mama Dragon Studio

E51 Rachel Caine

E52 J Max Geek Shack

ET02 Count Gregore

ET03 Larry Nemecek

ET05 Sarah Wiedenheft

ET06 Austin Tindle

ET09 Kevin J. Anderson

ET04, ET07, ET08 Guest Autographs

— Exhibitor list as of June 1st, 2019. —

SoonerCon 28 Artist Alley and Club Vendors

1. Costuming & ConComm Info Table

2. Dennis McDonald

3. John Eric Osborn Productions

4. Tommy B. Smith

5. Artistic Temperament Designs.Com

6. Joshua Cassella, Creative Problem Solver

7a. Nate Bullock

7b. Desolim Art

8. Wonder of Whimsy

9. J. O. Young

10a. Nightshade Comics

10b. Whimsical Whiskers, LLC

11. WORD – Writers Organizations ‘Round Dallas

12. Nana Marchae

13. Cooper Creative Art

14. Crow Garden Creative

15. Brian McNatt

16a. Holly Wood

16b. Cheap Shot Comix

17. Serendipity

18. Red Six Podcast

19. Mary Haney

20. Angelkeznie

21. Sleepy Fur Studio

22a. Russell Oldham

22b. Blackwolf Artworks

23a. Amaris Art

23b. Traci Ison Schafer

24. Art by MG

25. Kody Montana Haskins

26. EmmyJane Arts

27. FenCon

28. Pioneer Library System

29. Sandcrawler/Junk Yard

30. 501st Imperial Legion

31. Jedi OKC Table

32. Blast-a-Trooper

33. Jedi OKC Action Figure Box

34. Central Oklahoma Whovians

35. Curio of Curiosities : the Imagination of Angel Hurtt

36. R.D. Tarver

37. Princess Pineapple

38. Caricatures by John

39a. D.E. Chandler

39b. Twisted Candle Media

40. Parzivael’s Palace

41. Black Pearl Art

42. Crazy Red Artist

43. EBA Improv

44. Children’s Hospital Foundation

45. Jeff Duerksen

46. Fox Crane Creative

47. Arthurian Order of Avalon

48. Medieval Fair

49. Throne (Med Fair)

50. Countess Creations

51. William Schlichter – Author

52. Los Hermanos Perez

54. Diode Art and Design

55. Alexandra Brodt Illustration

56. CraftySasha’s Creations

57. E/K Designs

58. Anime This Woodwork

59. Kimi’s Designs

60. Breadcrumbs Ink

61. Frenchy Designs

62. Mr. Marie

63. Orange Angel’s Studio

64. Bitsy Blue Designs

65. Matt Frank

66. Solo Musicians

67. Royal Manticoran Navy

— Artist Alley list as of June 1, 2019. —

What’s the difference between Exhibitor Booths, Artist Alley tables, the Art Show, and Club tables?

Exhibitor Booths

The Exhibitor Booths are 10 x 10 spaces that vendors can rent so they can sell handmade and mass market goods.

Artist Alley Tables

Artist Alley tables are ideal for networking, taking commissions, and selling prints or books. Space in Artist Alley is intended for individual artists and writers. Artist alley tables are in the main halls of the convention space.

Art Show

The Art Show (which is separate from Artist Alley) is an art gallery where artists sell their artwork without having to babysit it throughout the weekend. Additionally, pieces that get enough bids on Friday and Saturday afternoon go to the live art auction on Saturday evening.

Club Tables

Club tables are intended for clubs, organizations, and conventions – not individuals. Sales and fundraisers at Club tables are prohibited without prior written permission from our club coordinator.

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