Hall Costumes at SoonerCon

In the parlance of fan conventions, there are two kinds of costumes: those worn for competition and those worn around the convention for the fun of it. The latter are called collectively “Hall Costumes.”

Please use common sense when wearing your Hall Costume. Hall Costumes must conform to all Convention Policies and must be worn in accordance to the Costuming Policy. As always: No costume is not a costume. Nude or indecent costumes shall not be displayed. Please remember that children and members of the media may be present at all times during the con. All costumes, weapons, and props are subject to reasonable inspection by convention staff and security.

An escort is recommended if the costume impedes vision and mobility. If carrying a weapon, please be sure to carefully read all Weapons Policies.

Hall Costumes are invited to be shown in the “Show and Tell” category of the Masquerade Costume Contest. Please see the Costume Contest page for registration, contest rules, and further competition info.

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