Magic: The Gathering Tournaments

No Tournament Entry Fee, Only at SoonerCon

Tournament Details


MTG Throw Back Draft 
Start time: 2pm
Learn to Play Class 
Start time: 7pm


Modern Constructed 
Start time: 10:30am
Casual Commander 
Start time: 2:30pm


MTG Chaos Draft 
Start time: 11am

A SoonerCon Membership is required to participate in all gaming events. There is no additional entry fee to play in Magic: The Gathering tournaments at SoonerCon 28 thanks to the generous support of Game Headquarters.

New in 2019! Game Headquarters is partnering with us to bring you a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the most popular TCG of all time — Magic: the Gathering.

Game HQ has generously donated prize support to be distributed between five different FREE TO PLAY Magic tournaments.

Yes, you read that right. Once you have a membership to enjoy SoonerCon, you can play competitive Magic without paying any additional entry fees. Tournament size is limited, so please show up early for Magic: The Gathering events.

Magic: The Gathering Events
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