SoonerCon Gaming Events

Outside the Game Room

Although our game room is 7,200 sq ft, some gaming activities just won’t work well in a traditional game room. Here are some of the larger gaming events you will find outside of the game room at SoonerCon.

Nerf Wars

Saturday and Sunday

Nerf Wars are back…with air conditioning!

Join us for some fantastic Nerf adventures on Saturday and Sunday at SoonerCon! Bring your favorite blaster, purchase one from our charity fundraiser (most blasters range from $8 to $20), or borrow one of our loaner blasters ($5 suggested charity donation).


Game types will vary. The rules listed below apply to all Nerf activities at SoonerCon.

  • All players must wear eye protection.
  • No running. This is a relatively small nerf arena, so there is no reason to rush.
  • Hit by a Nerf Dart? If a player is hit by a nerf dart, they must return to the respawn area for their team before they are allowed to fire their blaster again. We suggest holding your blaster upside down over your head while you return to the respawn area. This will tell other players to stop pelting you with darts until you are back in the game.
  • No blocking target tables. If a game type as tables with targets, players are not allowed to stand directly in front of the tables.
  • Don’t harass other players. Be awesome to each other. We are all here to have fun. Let’s act like it.

Muggle Quidditch


Muggle Quidditch is a sport based on Quidditch, the fictional sport developed by British author J. K. Rowling in the Harry Potter series of children’s novels, as governed by the International Quidditch Association. As in the fictional sport, muggle quidditch has seven players on each team: 3 chasers, 2 beaters, 1 keeper, and 1 seeker. Muggle Quidditch has been adapted for play on the ground, with game play confined to a playing field comparable in size to an ice hockey rink. The sport is adapted using elements of rugby, dodge ball, tag, and lacrosse. Visit the game room for rules and to sign up.

This event has also moved inside, so you can enjoy the lovely air conditioning and avoid the unpredictable June weather.


Rules will be available onsite.

Dresden Files LARP

7pm Friday, June 7

A Night at Lucido’s

Join us in this 1938 film noir Dresden Files adventure. This is a live action role play game based on The Dresden Files series of contemporary fantasy/mystery novels written by Jim Butcher.

Nerf War with Dr. Lonnie Johnson

3:30pm Saturday, June 8

A bona fide “rocket scientist,” Dr. Johnson has just one mission—to ensure the world has enough energy for a prosperous future. Although he has devoted his life to solving some of the world’s most complex technological problems, he is best known for his widely popular invention, the Super Soaker water gun. Dr. Johnson is a prolific inventor and holds more than 100 patents, the vast majority of which are energy-related.

This event is a charity fundraiser with an entry fee.

Proceeds from this event will benefit the Johnson STEM Activity Center in Dr. Johnson’s hometown, Atlanta, GA. Learn more at

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