SoonerCon Costume Contest

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SoonerCon Costume Contest Best of Show Winners

SoonerCon 27 Best of Show

Sock Ninja Cosplay

Lilith, Mother of Demons

SoonerCon 26 Best of Show

Allison Breckon

Queen Amidala Parade Gown

SoonerCon 25 Best of Show

Alexis Bailey

Groot and Star Lord

SoonerCon 24 Best of Show

Hikaru and Athena Star

Snow White, Evil Queen & Dopey

SoonerCon 27 Costume Contest Winners

SoonerCon 27 Best of Show Winner: Lilith, Mother of Demons by Sock Ninja Cosplay

SoonerCon 27 — Master Category

1st Place


by Macy Conaway

2nd Place

Lady Sansa Stark of Winterfell

by Jennifer Jones

3rd Place

Goddess Athena

by Marlie Adams

SoonerCon 27 — Journeyperson Category

1st Place

Harley Quinn

by Abigail Woodson

2nd Place

Cloud Strife

by Robert Compton

3rd Place

Mrs. Lovett

by Amber Hoffman

SoonerCon 27 — Novice Category

1st Place

Ichimatsu & Todomatsu

by Allison Eads & Liam Hewitt of Jovial-Hearts Cosplay

2nd Place

Atris from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

by Vivian Sloan

3rd Place

Warchief Thrall

by Drue Chilton

SoonerCon 27 — Beyond the Veil (Con theme)

Lily Munster

by Debbie Oliver of Twisted Oliver Cosplay

SoonerCon 27 — Youth Category

1st Place


Presenter: Sidd Auer

Creator: Dara Fogel

2nd Place


Presenter: Michael Coble

Creator: Twisted Oliver Cosplay

3rd Place


by Spencer

SoonerCon 27 — Show & Tell Category

1st Place

Seto Kaiba

by Courtney’s Cosplay

2nd Place

Luna Lovegood

by Audrey Moylan

3rd Place


by Jessica Dunlap

SoonerCon 27 — What the...? Category

Little Sweet

by John Eads

SoonerCon 26 Costume Contest Winners

Convention Theme: Welcome to the Show!

1st Place

Skull Kid from Majora’s Mask

by Nathan G.

2nd Place

Arabian Nights Eli Ayase

by Samantha Raines

3rd Place

Spock from “Mirror, mirror”

by Evan Wardwell


1st Place

Mrs. Lovett

by Debbie Oliver

2nd Place

Madam Vestra

by Rebekah Jim

3rd Place

Penelope the Steampunk Poet

by Marcie Everhart


1st Place

Sheikah Warrior

by Dezmon Infinite Cosplay

2nd Place

Ruby Rose

by Korintia Gamboa & Sarah Lemke

3rd Place

Fierce Deity Link

by Courtney Mills

Original / Fantasy

1st Place

Imperator Furiosa

by Macy Conaway

2nd Place


by Audrey Breckon

3rd Place

Rowena Ravenclaw

by Crystal K Stearns


1st Place

Wonder Woman

by Angelica Coble

2nd Place


by Nathan Feehan

3rd Place

Corpse Bride

by Jessie Roth

“What the…”


by Justin & Arolynn Mabray

Show & Tell

1st Place

Oola, Jabba’s Palace Dancer

by Carissa Eads

2nd Place


by Susan Yorke

3rd Place

Merle, Taako, & Magnus from The Adventure Zone

by Jen Kelly, Meagan Rucker, and Andrea Morrison

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