SoonerCon Costume Contest Rules

2018 rules listed below. Updated rules will be posted in early 2019.

We have changed our categories this year to more closely align with the International Costumers Guild guidelines. While we ask the presenter to select a category (Novice, Journeyman, Master, etc.) prior to the show, the Co-Chairs will have final authority in determining the appropriate category.

Contestants who have assembled their costume from commercially produced or otherwise primarily found assemblies are encouraged to enter the “Show and Tell” category of the competition.

Previous grand prize winners are ineligible to enter for another grand prize, but may enter the Masters category.

The SoonerCon Masquerade rules are modeled from standards found at other conventions. The purpose of these rules is so everybody can have a safe and enjoyable Masquerade experience:
  1. All participants must be paid Members of SoonerCon.
  2. Costume Contest participants must attend the Costume Contest Rules/Signup pre-show meeting (unless excused by the Costume Chair) at 2 p.m on the day of the contest. While it is not required to wear your costume to the pre-meeting, participants may bring a photo of the completed costume for the co-Chairs to inspect prior to the show. Participants will complete an informational form providing Judges details about your costume entry, as well as ask any questions and address concerns prior to the Masquerade.
  3. Any audio/visual needs for the Masquerade must be addressed at the pre-show meeting. All sound files must be on a flash drive. No cell phones, iPods, MP3 players, or other electronic devices will be accepted to play sound files. SoonerCon is not responsible for any provided media.
  4. All weapons must be inspected by a member of the costume staff, preferably at the preshow meeting. All local laws, codes, and regulations will be enforced. If the weapon is to be part of the contestant’s stage presentation, it must be previously cleared by the Costume Chairs. While staged fighting within a presentation is allowed, at no time will any weapon be used to threaten anyone outside their presentation, even in jest. Participants found in violation of this policy will be immediately removed from the contest.
  5. Onstage time will be determined by capacity and number of participants.
  6. Costumes must be finished before you get to the Staging Area. No sewing, gluing, soldering, or other construction work will be accepted, with exception for final assembly of large costumes and props or unexpected repairs.
  7. Children under 12 must be attended by an adult at all times. This is strictly enforced.
  8. Costumes with electric power requirements need to be self-contained, as there will be no access to power outlets.
  9. Nudity: No costume is no costume. Nude or indecent (discretion of the Co-Chairs) entries will not be accepted. Please remember that children and members of the media may be present.
  10. Do not leave anything on stage that a Stage Minion cannot quickly pick up. If you plan to leave anything on stage, even if it is only a handful of glitter, please let us know so we can clear the stage before the next costume enters. If using large props, you need to bring your own people to aid in getting them on and off stage. We will need this information at the preshow Signup meeting.
  11. No fire or explosives.
  12. Loud noises, untidy messes, dangerous weapons and devices must have full, proper and prior clearance from the Costume Chair prior to contest entry.
  13. Bjo’s Trimble’s Corollary: You may surprise the audience, but do not surprise the committee, ever.
  14. Bjo’s Second Corollary: Don’t ever underestimate the power of a Fire Marshal.
  15. Reference image material for entries is encouraged, but not required. Judges are not always able to look up reference images on their own, so it is best to show up prepared for the contest.
  16. SoonerCon has the authority to eliminate anyone from the competition on the grounds of obscenity, harassing behavior, danger, Masquerade rules violations, and Convention policy violation.
  17. Signature Requirement: Each entrant in the contest will be required to give their signature on their entry form to verify that they have read the rules and will adhere to them.

Relax and remember this is supposed to be FUN. Treat others with respect and courtesy. Remember to laugh.

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