SoonerCon 28 Convention Committee

The convention committee meets monthly, throughout the year. All members are volunteers and they put in many hours of work to make SoonerCon happen.

If you meet any of these people, tell them, “Thank You.”

Aislinn Burrows
Convention Chair

Matthew Alfred
Director of Programming

Jeanie Burns
Director of Finance

Zac Hallows
Director of Operations

James Smith
Director of Development

Caleb Haldane
Director of IT & Software Development

Kimber Chessmore
FSCOK Volunteer Coordinator

Phillip Grimes
Director of Marketing & PR

Rebecca Jackson
SoonerCon Secretary


Leonard Bishop
Guest Relations Coordinator

Jennifer Jones
Shuttle Captain & Special Guest Liaison

Pandy Warren
Special Guest Liaison

Robert Raymond
Special Guest Liaison & Bernina OKC

Kristi Selensky
Writers Workshop Coordinator

Sean Hinckley
Head Gopher (Programming & IT)

Brittany Ellis
Anime Room Coordinator

Serendipity Club
(Myron Moody & Rebecca Jackson)

Video Room Coordinators

Marci Bull
Art Show Chair

Kalynn Loftin
Art Show Co-Chair

Joseph Loftin
Art Show Coordinator

Ryan McKinley
Costuming Chair

Bill Thompson
Gaming Chair

Howard Wilson II
Content Contributor

Tim Pesch
SoonerCon Dance Chair

Jessica Lothrop
Green Room Co-Chair

James Borja
Green Room Co-Chair

Heroic Inner Kids
(Lauren Howard & Ty Randolph)

Children’s Programming Coordinators


Brian Scoles
Logistics Chair

Arich Walters
Logistics Coordinator

Carmen Bryan
AV Chair

Matthew Jones
TD Lighting Productions (Main Programming AV)

Taylor Burrows
Safety Officer

Chase Hamilton
AV Gopher

IT & Software Development

Damon Seymour
Sr. Web Developer & Administrator,
IT Support

Peng Pan
Software & Web Developer

Jerry Hansen
Videographer & Software Developer

Daniel Grimes
IT & Network Support

Marketing & PR

Mark Alfred
Editor-in-Chief & Archivist

Ken Chalker
Exhibitors Chair

Amber Hanneken
Social Media Coordinator


Annette Asprin
Cash Manager

Robby Wood
Registration Chair

Shana Wiessner
Convention Store Manager

Savannah Thomas
Volunteer Scheduling Coordinator

Shai Fenwick
Hotel Liaison

Sahar Hasan
Hotel Liaison Assistant

Katie Reddick
Hotel Liaison Assistant


Elaina Hamilton
Charity Coordinator

Michael Dean
Charity Co-Coordinator

FSCOK Board of Directors

Leonard Bishop

Perrin Smith
Vice President

James Smith

Shai Fenwick

Brittany Ellis

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