Perrin Smith

Exhibits Coordinator – Onsite

Perrin Smith was born in Boise, ID.  His father Frank intentionally exposed his kids to science fiction.  Analog Science Fiction and Fact was ofttimes his nighttime reading material. The first movie he could ever remember and seeing  is a double feature including Star Wars: Episode Four. A few years later STAR TREK: The Motion Picture came out, and he was hooked on Sci-Fi for the rest of his life.

His pick-up line once was, “Can you name all the Star Trek movies?”  Shannon Bish (Smith) knew the titles in order.  He took her out to see STAR TREK VI: The Undiscovered Country later that night, and they have been watching movies together ever since.

After marring this hot fangirl before that name was even a thing, he joined the US Military.  He traveled the world with his family, and retired from that adventure after 20 years.  Now, he is the father of four kids, still works full-time in aviation, owns his own acting agency, donates hundreds of hours a year to the Future Society of Oklahoma, as Member at Large, and aids in his own ways with SoonerCon!

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