SoonerCon Artist Alley

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Artist Alley Application Process for SoonerCon 28

Applying for an Artist Alley Table at SoonerCon is a three-step process. Here is how it works.
  1. Click the button to apply for the space you wish to reserve.
  2. Fill in all requested information on the application form. Completing the application form does not guarantee a reservation of space at the convention.
  3. Check your email regularly. In late December and every two weeks following, the Exhibitor Coordinator will send an email (via the email address you provide on the application form) to all approved applicants. If your application is accepted, you will receive an approval email outlining the rest of the reservation process and containing a link to pay for the space. If you do not complete the steps outlined in the approval email within the allotted time (14 days), your spot will be released for other artists to reserve.

There is no cost for applying, but full payment or alternative arrangements must be made within two weeks of receiving an approval email, or the space will be released for other people to reserve.

Approvals will be prioritized by the following criteria:

  • Returning Artists
  • Participating Panelists
  • Order of Submission
  • Artist and Club Variety

What’s the difference between Artist Alley tables, the Art Show and a Club tables?

Artist Alley tables are ideal for networking and taking commissions. Space in Artist Alley is intended for individual artists and writers. Half tables are half of a full table that is shared between two different applicants. One additional weekend membership may be purchased at a discounted rate at the same time an Artist Alley table is purchased. Unlike Club tables, Artist Alley tables are allowed to sell things.

The Art Show (which is separate from Artist Alley) is a great place for artists to sell their artwork without having to babysit it. Additionally, pieces that get enough bids on Friday and Saturday afternoon go to the live art auction on Saturday evening. Check out the SoonerCon Art Show page for more info.

Club tables are intended for clubs, organizations, and conventions – not individuals. Each Club table comes with two weekend memberships. Sales and fundraisers at Club tables are prohibited without prior written permission from our club coordinator.

Artists Alley Full Table


Includes Two Weekend Memberships.

Artists Alley Half Table


Includes One Weekend Membership.

You will have the opportunity to purchase an additional weekend membership in advance at a discounted rate.

We are sold out of space for our June 2019 convention. If you want us to email you when space becomes available for next year, use the button below. If you want to get a feel for what SoonerCon is all about, get your membership for this year’s show.

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